Endocrine Clinic

* Endocrine glands are those glands whose secretions are hormones and directly enter bloodstream. The group includes * Thyroid, parathyroid, Adrenal, Pancreas, Ovaries, Testes, Pituitary, Pineal and Hypothalamus * Endocrine surgery is a super speciality surgical field to deal with surgical problems related to these endocrine glands. * Among the endocrine glands, Thyroid is the…

Laparoscopy Clinic

Both diagnostic & therapeutic laparoscopy Gynaecology 1. Diagnostic Laparoscopy – infertility 2. Laparoscopy – PCOS 3. Diagnostic Hysteroscopy 4. Ovarian cyst (Dermoid,Torsion) 5. Tubal surgery-(To mass, hydrosalpinx) 6. Ectopic/Tubal pregnancy 7. Fibroid removal(Myomectomy) 8. Uterus removal – Hysterectomy 9. Sterilization Surgery 1. Appendicectomy 2. Gall Bladder removal – Laparoscopy 3. Adhesiolysis Key hole surgery, as…

Gynaecology Clinic

“The wellness of women” is the motto. Various problems like white discharge pv, menstrual problems, pain abdomen, sexual problems are treated. Services Include * Women Master Health checkup * HPV vaccination – cervical cancer prevention vaccine * Pap smear * PCO treatment * Fibroid & ovarian cyst treatment * Prolapse uterus * Laparoscopy: 1. Ovarian…

Fertility Clinic

The percentage of infertility (Primary & Secondary) is On the rising trend!!

Our fertility clinic helps women to achieve parenthood.
The services Include
1. Follicular study

2. Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

3. PCO treatment

4. Assisted Reproduction techniques
a. IUI & IVF (Test Tube Baby)
5. Tubal recanalisation

6. Counselling