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Pregnancy Care / Antenatal Clinic

Pregnancy is a blessing. In our Antenatal clinic, we care for Expectant Mothers from the date of confirmation of pregnancy till delivery.

The new mom clears her doubts, ensures welling of herself and baby’s too!

We take care of both Low Risk & High Risk pregnant mothers.

Our Antenatal multidisciplinary team includes Obstetrician, Diabetologist, Physician , Endocrinologist, surgeon, counsellor, Exercise co-ordinator, sonologist, paediatrician & nursing staff.

The Services Include:-

1. Obstetric care

2. CTG monitoring (Baby Heart monitoring in womb)

3. Antenatal classes

4. Diet & Counselling

5. Exercise

6. Scan

7. Blood Test


* Normal Delivery

* Assisted Delivery(Vacuum/forceps)

* Caesarean Delivery

* Pregnancies with associated complications like DM, HT, Thyroid problem, Twins, Small baby/Big Baby breach, blood disorders, etc..

* Preterm labor & Delivery

Early pregnancy problems including

* Miscarriage

* Ectopic Pregnancy - Both medical & surgical management

* Painless Labor:-

Pre Assessment Anesthetic opinion on weekly basis for Pregnant mothers.

To discuss about Pain management during delivery.