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Medical Facilities

Pregnancy is a blessing. In our Antenatal clinic, we care for Expectant Mothers from the date of confirmation of pregnancy till delivery.

The new mom clears her doubts, ensures welling of herself and baby’s too!

We take care of both Low Risk & High Risk pregnant mothers.

Our Antenatal multidisciplinary team includes Obstetrician, Diabetologist, Physician , Endocrinologist, surgeon, counsellor, Exercise co-ordinator, sonologist, paediatrician & nursing staff.

The Services Include:-

1. Obstetric care

2. CTG monitoring (Baby Heart monitoring in womb)

3. Antenatal classes

4. Diet & Counselling

5. Exercise

6. Scan

7. Blood Test


* Normal Delivery

* Assisted Delivery(Vacuum/forceps)

* Caesarean Delivery

* Pregnancies with associated complications like DM, HT, Thyroid problem, Twins, Small baby/Big Baby breach, blood disorders, etc..

* Preterm labor & Delivery

Early pregnancy problems including

* Miscarriage

* Ectopic Pregnancy - Both medical & surgical management

* Painless Labor:-

Preassesment anesthetic opinion on weekly basis for Pregnant mothers.

To discuss about Pain management during delivery.


The percentage of infertility (Primary & Secondary) is On the rising trend!!

Our fertility clinic helps women to achieve parenthood.

The services Include:-

1. Follicular study

2. Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

3. PCO treatment

4. Assisted Reproduction techniques

     a. IUI & IVF (Test Tube Baby)

     b. ICSI

5. Tubal recanalisation

6. Counselling


“We two ours two” is a good family concept!!

We Offer...

1. Contraceptive advice

2. CU-T insertion

3. Contraceptive Injections

4. Medical or Surgical Top(Only on Indicated medical grounds)

a. Permanent sterilization – open / laparoscopy

b. Vasectomy – Male partner.


“The wellness of women” is the motto.

Various problems like white discharge pv, menstrual problems, pain abdomen, sexual problems are treated.

Services Include:-

* Women Master Health checkup

* HPV vaccination – cervical cancer prevention vaccine

* Pap smear

* PCO treatment

* Fibroid & ovarian cyst treatment

* Prolapse uterus

* Laparoscopy:

   1. Ovarian cyst removal

   2. Fibroid-myomectomy

   3. Sterilisation

* Hysterectomy – open/Laparoscopy


We treat surgical problems of both Men & Women.

To mention few

* Hernia

* Hydrocoele

* Undescended testis

* Sebaceous cyst/Lipoma/Ganglion

* Appendicitis

* Gall bladder stone

* Pain abdomen


Both diagnostic & therapeutic laparoscopy


1. Diagnostic Laparoscopy – infertility

2. Laparoscopy – PCOS

3. Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

4. Ovarian cyst (Dermoid,Torsion)

5. Tubal surgery-(To mass, hydrosalpinx)

6. Ectopic/Tubal pregnancy

7. Fibroid removal(Myomectomy)

8. Uterus removal – Hysterectomy

9. Sterilization


1. Appendicectomy

2. Gall Bladder removal – Laparoscopy

3. Adhesiolysis

Key hole surgery, as it is popularly known to people has many advantages.

1. Cosmetically appealing

2. Faster recovery

3. Short hospital stay

4. Less pain & more comfort.

We do both Diagnostic & therapeutic laparoscopy both in Men & Women.


Endocrine glands are those glands whose secretions are hormones and directly enter bloodstream. The group includes

Thyroid, parathyroid, Adrenal, Pancreas, Ovaries, Testes, Pituitary, Pineal and Hypothalamus

Endocrine surgery is a superspeciality surgical field to deal with surgical problems related to these endocrine glands.

Among the endocrine glands , Thyroid is the most commonly encountered gland with a list of diseases affecting it. Hypothyroidism is the deficiency of Thyroid hormones & Hyperthyroidism is the excess of Thyroid secretion. Although , these conditions could be managed medically , conditions like Nodular Goitre , Thyroglossal cyst to be treated surgically. There are few autoimmune conditions too affecting these glands & should be managed carefully.

Medical & surgical problems related to Thyroid, Parathyroid & adrenal glands are managed

Bariatric & Cosmetic Surgery also done.


Newborn babies & under teens problems are taken care by female Paediatrician with utmost care.

Immunization done


Adolescence is the transition from childhood to womanhood. We give

1. Counselling

2. HPV vaccine

3. Treatment of menstrual problems

4. Sex Education


We respect & understand the problems of Ageing.

Services Include:-

• Pap smear

• Management of hot flushes

• Medical help


Qualified & experienced physician takes care of the needs of Patients with

* Hypertension

* Diabetes Mellitus

* Chest diseases

* Infectious diseases


"Prevention is better than Cure"

Our "HEALTHY LIVING INITIATIVE" programme ensures wellbeing with focussed blood & urine tests, scan, ECG, Pap smear & expertise opinion.

We have,

* Basic Master Health Check

* Executive Master Health Check

* Employee Health check for women staff


We have an experienced urologist who can deal with kidney stones,Abnormal kidney functions, Bladder problems , carcinoma,Prostate enlargement.


A volunteer group based initiative to create awareness among peer group with similar problems, under the guidance of resource person.


Mental Health is as important as physical health.

We have a dedicated & understanding counsellor who helps in eliminating stress related issues.


1. ECG facility

2. Scan

3. Lab Services

4. OP services like Nebulization, Injection etc

5. Refreshment


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